Better Barbecue

“All I can say is ‘wow’.
I can’t remember ever having such a perfect sausage.
The casing had an amazing snap and the inside was ridiculously juicy.
I didn’t think it was possible without being undercooked.
Because they weren’t on the grill long, the casings didn’t split, and none of the fat ran out onto the coals to cause a flare-up.
Absolutely amazing.”
— Byron

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What’s our secret?


Sous vide.


And what’s that, you ask?

As seen on Masterchef and in almost every top restaurant - the cooking is done in a vacuum sealed environment -hence the French name sous (under) + vide (vacuum).

 Using this method we can cook at  extremely precise temperatures- the professional equipment we use is accurate to ±0.05ºC. 

This method preserves all the natural flavours, juices and nutrients of the food and results in absolutely perfect done-ness, with zero risk of undercooked-sausage sickness!
To finish we then quickly grill over high heat to add that characteristic smokey flavour, char-grilled beauty and an inviting aroma!

So now you know our secret.

Browse our unique menus below to find your perfect match.

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Frequent Questions

What access requirements do we have?

We use professional & portable ‘Cinders SG80’ folding grills, so provided we can park our vehicle and our workspace is clear all of our equipment can be quickly and easily carried by our staff even through narrow passages.

How long does it take to setup and how long will you stay?

Given a lot of our preparation is taken care of beforehand in our commercial kitchens we can be ready to serve your first guests in as little as 30 minutes. We then will continue for as long as is necessary for your guests to have as many servings as they please - typically 2-3 hours before laying out a second buffet and take-away boxes.

What space do we require to setup a barbecue?

We require an outdoor space of at least 3m x 2m for the barbecue and our workbenches. The buffet table can be set up alongside this, nearby or even indoors if required. We are completely self-sufficient and do not require access to electricity or water to operate.

Can you provide alcoholic drinks?

All of the beverages included in the above packages are alcohol free, but have been carefully selected to be the perfect for match for adding your favourite spirit or liqueur to make a cooling punch.

This can either be mixed into each glass as they are poured by guests or added to the entire pitcher for easy service (we use vintage style clip-top Kilner dispensers with taps) and indeed have the necessary licenses to provide this or any other beverage orders on your behalf if you wish.

How much food will there be?

We ensure that every guest can have as much of any item from the menu as they wish, right to the end of service. In order to do this we supply more than will be needed right away but that allows us to create a wonderful full buffet as service closes for your guests to nibble on into the night, or create takeaway style boxes for guests to take home and enjoy later or the next day (perfect after a few-too-many drinks!)

What if it rains?

No problem! We have several strategies to handle adverse weather conditions; a commercial grade 3x3m gazebo protects the grill and buffet table which can accomodate serving a few guests at a time or alternatively can arrange for beautiful platters of cooked food to be served indoors buffet style.

Though not ideal, past events that have been caught in the rain have been some of the most enjoyable and fun for guests as everyone clubs together and mingles in closer quarters!