Better Barbecue

“All I can say is ‘wow’.
I can’t remember ever having such a perfect sausage.
The casing had an amazing snap and the inside was ridiculously juicy.
I didn’t think it was possible without being undercooked.
Because they weren’t on the grill long, the casings didn’t split, and none of the fat ran out onto the coals to cause a flare-up.
Absolutely amazing.”
— Byron

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What’s our secret?


Sous vide.


And what’s that, you ask?

As seen on Masterchef and in almost every top restaurant - the cooking is done in a vacuum sealed environment -hence the French name sous (under) + vide (vacuum).

 Using this method we can cook at  extremely precise temperatures- the professional equipment we use is accurate to ±0.05ºC. 

This method preserves all the natural flavours, juices and nutrients of the food and results in absolutely perfect done-ness.
Best of all there is zero risk of undercooked-sausage sickness!
To finish the process we then quickly grill the (now fully cooked) food over hot coals to add that characteristic smokey flavour, char-grilled beauty and an inviting aroma!

So now you know our secret.

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