Menu Selection

Your personal meal plan will be developed specifically to meet your needs, with different recipes, ingredients and portion sizes being instrumental in achieving your goals.


Healthy Weight Loss

If your goal is to shed a few pounds, the key is consistently to burn slightly more calories than you consume.

We take care of the tricky part - calculating your ideal daily intake to achieve your desired level of weight loss whilst ensuring your meals are nutritious, delicious and satisfyingly filling to keep you going between meal times.



Maintain & Protect

The old adage “you are what you eat” is as true as ever, and a diet built on  nutrient dense and carefully balanced meals prepared from whole foods ensures  your body stays fighting fit and performing at its peak.

A healthy diet is strongly linked to higher physical energy levels, mental alertness and helps to fight against sickness and aging.



Enhance & Improve

For serious gym-goers and athletes (and those recovering from illness or injury) our specially developed nutritional meal plans ensure optimum conditions for increased athletic performance, recovery and muscle gain.

A diet consisting of whole food from real ingredients far outperforms using dietary supplements, shakes and powders alone.