IRON & Grill



After a quick and easy consultation about your goals, tastes and habits our nutritionists will build your very own custom weekly meal plan for delivery right to your door.

Providing three hand-crafted meals a day, six days a week, we are careful to ensure your meal plan includes everything your body needs to perform at its peak - we won't even forget your spoon!




Reclaim the joy of your weekly shop with the help of your own personal nutritionist and our easy to use “Mix & Match” menu plans.

Meticulously developed to include a huge variety of balanced, exciting and tasty meals, planning for the week ahead couldn't be more fun!



With breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to your home or workplace ready to enjoy hot or cold, eating a healthy, balanced and deliciously rewarding diet couldn’t be easier.

All of our eco-friendly nutrition boxes are self-contained, clearly labelled and fully sealed - the perfect partner for a busy lifestyle.



Ingredients. Ingredients. Ingredients.

When nutritional quality, freshness and flavour mean so much to our business, it pays to be in the know. With everything we use being hand-picked from fresh markets daily, supermarket produce simply cannot compete.



Using professional cooking equipment usually only found in top restaurants we are able to produce precisely counted and controlled meal portions whilst locking in the maximum of nutrients and flavour.



Our talented chefs are proud to have put their own spin on classical dishes using simple tricks and techniques to pack as much flavour and attitude to each dish whilst keeping the ingredients list short, simple and 100% guilt-free.